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MetalBird Tactics

A war turn based strategy game with active time mechanics · By Balthasar02


Recent updates

Thank you for your support Commander
Hello, I'm Bal, the head developer of this project, I wanted to say thank you to those who support MetalBird, to the community, to my friends and my bel...
MetalBird Tactics - Official Early Access launch
Hello dear players and members of the community, today we're proud to give you the Early Access version of MetalBird Tactics! The current build can be described...
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Metalbird Tactics - General bug fix and some changes
Hello, this is a new dev log in the battle against bugs, here's what changed: The MBU can now call in an air strike, the skill costs 20 Tech Points Balance: Buf...
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MetalBird Tactics balancing update
It's been exciting days with this new project, we're glad to give you continuous updates with improvements and tell you what we're working on. Changes: Xera Gur...
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MetalBird Tactics - New faction available!
We're glad to announce this important update, the game now contains the third faction, the Arkanian Union, ready to play. This new faction gives the player a ne...
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MetalBird Tactics - New faction coming very soon!
The Arkanian Union was added to the game and it will be uploaded very soon!(possibly tonight) It is a very different faction, relying on specialized infantry an...
MetalBird Tactics - Performance improved
It's been exciting 24 hours, I'm glad to announce the lag issue is mostly solved and the game runs a lot better. The previous bugfix also proved to be effective...
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MetalBird Tactics - General bugfix
MetalBird Tactics - general bugfix update Thanks to valuable feedback from players and the effort of testers, I’m glad to present you this update: Changes: Si...
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