MetalBird Tactics launched!

It is my pleasure to announce the first public version of MetalBird Tactics, a turn based strategy war game, I was always a big fan of strategy games, my favourite being those of the Command&Conquer series, especially Red Alert 2, which I still like to play online.

About the game

MetalBird Tactics allows the player to choose between two factions with ten units each, every unit is unique and has specific pros and cons, making the strategies to develop richer.

The game is in constant and active development, in contact with players and actively evolving to make itself more enjoyable.

The future updates will have the following features:

  • A third Faction, the Arkanian Union, they use specialized infantry and subtle tactics combined with anti armor.
  • More maps.
  • More units.
  • More game modes.
  • More difficulty settings.
  • Spanish translation
  • Animated scenes
  • Superweapons, they will be called by the MBU through the collection of Tech Points

Your suggestions are more than welcome, so if you enjoy strategy games give it a try.

Why is this game so special?

I started this game as a thank you to my players, who supported me in a hard moment of my life, I am currently unemployeed and earning money by repairing computers, things are also getting expensive around here and I have a cat, so if you like the content I produce and want to see updates more often, please consider donating for cat food, anything helps.

Also, the Arkanian Union leader was named after an old friend of mine who passed away a couple years ago and a great person, Retired Colonel Jorge Hector Lucioni of the Argentine Army, may he rest in peace.

Special thanks to my beloved girlfriend, Morgan, who makes me proud and happy every day of my life.


MetalBird Tactics Q.7z 26 MB
Oct 05, 2018

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