MetalBird Tactics - New faction available!

We're glad to announce this important update, the game now contains the third faction, the Arkanian Union, ready to play. This new faction gives the player a new set of strategies to develop, and  very different methods.

Here's the trailer for this new version:


  • As previously mentioned, the third faction, which includes 10 new units.
  • New way to conquer the battlefield: Hacking. For more info, read:
  • General bug fixes, known bugs updated.
  • The third Hybrid Robot, Araviel.
  • New map, now there are 5 in total.
  • M.B.U. abilities, now it can request reinforcements through Technical Points and call a Nuclear Airstrike for longer matches.

Thank you very much for following the Avian War Machine!

PS: Please help these kitties to find a new home


MetalBird Tactics Q4.7z 28 MB
Oct 11, 2018

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